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Approximate Query Processing Using Wavelets - Microsoft ...

Approximate query processing has emerged as a cost-effective approach for dealing with the huge data volumes and stringent response-time requirements of today's decision support systems (DSS). Most work in this area, however, has so far been limited in its query processing scope, typically focusing on specific forms of aggregate queries.

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Intelligent query processing in Microsoft SQL databases ...

Mar 05, 2019 · Approximate query processing is a new feature family. It aggregates across large datasets where responsiveness is more critical than absolute precision. An example is calculating a COUNT(DISTINCT()) across 10 billion rows, for display on a dashboard. In this case, absolute precision isn't important, but responsiveness is critical.

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Experiences with approximating queries in Microsoft's ...

Sep 09, 2019 · Experiences with approximating queries in Microsoft's production big-data clusters Kandula et al., VLDB'19 I've been excited about the potential for approximate query processing in analytic clusters for some time, and this paper describes its use .

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CAP 6930: Approximate Query Processing

CAP 6930: Approximate Query Processing. Approximate Query Processing is a graduate course geared toward Ph.D level students. The goal of the class is to expose students to the topic of approximation theory and to develop research skills like:

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Approximate Top-N Query Processing (APPROX_RANK, APPROX ...

Approximate Top-N Query Processing (APPROX_RANK, APPROX_SUM, APPROX_COUNT) In Oracle Database 18c. The APPROX_RANK, APPROX_SUM and APPROX_COUNT functions were introduced in Oracle 18c to allow approximate top-n query processing. This extends the approximate query processing that was introduced in the previous two releases (12cR1 and 12cR2). Setup

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Dynamic Sample Selection for Approximate Query .

The area of approximate answering of aggregate queries has been the subject of extensive research. Hellerstein et al. [22, 26] describe techniques for online aggregation in which approximate answers for queries are produced during early stages of query processing and gradually refined until all the data has been processed. The online ...

  • Published in: international conference on management of data · 2003Authors: Brian Babcock · Surajit Chaudhuri · Gautam DasAffiliation: Stanford University · MicrosoftAbout: Sampling bias · Decision support system · Hardware accelerationGet Price
Approximate Query Processing | HKUST CSE

Approximate Query Processing. In modern large-scale analytical database systems, the keywords are speed, accuracy, and interactivity. These are the criteria that count for data analysts and business users who need to perform analytical queries on a large amount of data with complex conditions and return aggregated results that can enable ...

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1 INTRODUCTION arXiv:1804.00770v6 [cs.DB] 8 Nov 2018

VerdictDB: Universalizing Approximate Query Processing SIGMOD'18, June 10–15, 2018, Houston, TX, USA aggregates count, count-distinct, sum, avg, quantile, user-defined aggregate (UDA) functions table sources derived tables or base tables joined via equi-joins; the derived table can be a select statement with or without aggregate functions ...

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Convex Optimization for Linear Query Processing under ...

first proposed in [13]. Specifically, batch processing explo its the correlations between ple queries, so that answering the batch as a whole can lead to higher overall accuracy than answering each query individually. For example, if one aggregate query Q1 (e.g., the total population of New York State and New Jersey) can be ex-

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Approximate Query Processing – Where do we go from here ...

May 12, 2017 · For batch analytic queries, approximate query processing can increase throughput, and for interactive queries, approximate query processing can reduce latency. Thus, if we can realize the potential of approximate query processing, we may be able to speed up our ability to explore a vast amount of data inexpensively and quickly.

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Approximate Query Processing - dl.acm

Recent years have witnessed a surge of interest in Approximate Query Processing (AQP) solutions, both in academia and the commercial world. In addition to well-known open problems in this area, there are many new research challenges that have surfaced ...

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Data Warehousing Optimizations and Techniques

Approximate query processing is primarily used in data discovery applications to return quick answers to explorative queries. Users typically want to locate interesting data points within large amounts of data and then drill down to uncover further levels of detail. For explorative queries, quick responses are more important than exact values.

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Approximate Query Processing: What is New and Where to Go ...

Sep 14, 2018 · Approximate query processing with bounded resources mean that the storage or memory is limited so that only a limited number of records can be used to approximately answer the query. Using offline computing to help decide the query plan and accelerate query processing are much practical for resource-bounded processing.

VerdictDB: Universalizing Approximate Query Processing

VerdictDB: Universalizing Approximate Query Processing Yongjoo Park, Barzan Mozafari, Joseph Sorenson, Junhao Wang University of Michigan, Ann Arbor {pyongjoo,mozafari,jsoren,junhao} ABSTRACT Despite 25 years of research in academia, approximate query pro-cessing (AQP) has had little industrial adoption. One of the major

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Approximate Query Processing Using Wavelets

3 Why do we need Approximate Query Processing? n Characteristics of DSS applications – Huge Amount of Data(GB/TB) – High Query Complexity – Stringent response-time requirement n EXACT answer NOT always required – Exploratory nature of DSS applications – Aggregate query : Precision to penny?NO – Fast, approximate answer is preferable n Approximate Query Processing

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Converting Exact to Approximate Query Processing in Oracle ...Click to view on Bing3:55

Mar 16, 2019 · This video gives a quick demonstration of the Approximate Query Processing functionality introduced in Oracle database 12c. For more information see: APPROX_...

Approximate Query Processing | AMPLab – UC Berkeley

Tags: Approximate Query Processing, Best Paper Award, BlinkDB, Sampling. Blink and It's Done: Interactive Queries on Very Large Data. Sameer Agarwal, Aurojit Panda, Barzan Mozafari, Anand Padmanabha Iyer, Sam Madden, Ion Stoica VLDB (Demonstration Paper), Aug. 2012.

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Approximate string matching - Wikipedia

Efficient Similarity Query Processing Project with recent advances in approximate string matching based on an edit distance threshold. StringMetric project a Scala library of string metrics and phonetic algorithms; Natural project a JavaScript natural language processing library which includes implementations of popular string metrics

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Optimizer with Oracle Database 12c Release 2

» Approximate Query Processing To get a complete picture of the Oracle Optimizer, it is recommended that you read this paper in conjunction with the relevant papers listed in the References section. See page 28 for details.

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AQP++: a hybrid approximate query processing framework for ...

A sampling-based approximate query processing (AQP) method provides a fast way for users to obtain a trade-off between accuracy and time consumption by executing the query on a sample of data rather than the whole dataset.

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